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Mountain House Foods

Mountain House Foods

For campers and hikers going on adventure missions, carrying the heavy load on their back is quite a hectic job. Most of the weight to the backpack is added by water and food stuff. The weight of the backpack can be considerably reduced by reducing the weight of the food packed without loosing the nutrition required. The solution is emergency freeze dried Mountain House Foods with longer shelf lives. Mountain house foods has been in the business of manufacturing canned and vacuum packed foods of the highest quality since 30 years and has been the "Numero Uno".

The foods have been divided into many categories and packaged accordingly to meet the needs of the customers. The Pro-Pak Vacuum Packs are designed to accommodate more food in less space by not inflating at higher altitudes. Vegetarian and non vegetarian foods of many variants are available. Foods designed for ship voyages, space foods, emergency food, pet foods are available with Mountain House Foods. Another very useful product from Mountain House Foods is the mountain oven which heats water up to 100F by mere addition of potable water and salt at suitable temperatures.

Foods categorized in to entrees, breakfast, desserts, complete meal kits, etc are available. 72 hour meal kits, just in case 7 day meal kits and best seller kits are among the special packages available. Foods are also available in #10 cans for the comfort of the customers. Another noteworthy point is that NASA's astronauts eat the freeze dried foods prepared by Mountain House Foods. Vegetables like corn, green peas, and green beans and fruits like bananas, apples strawberries and raspberries are also available in vacuum packs. Pet foods include ice cream treats for dogs. In short Mountain House Foods is the best choice of freeze dried foods for outdoor enthusiasts or in case of emergency.

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